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jonny greenwood movie project

this is kinda old news but...

We have been handed info regarding a project Jonny has been involved in to share with you.

Bodysong. A Feature Film. Certificate 18

A Century of Human Drama and Struggle captured in Moving Images.
A movie that tells the story of an archetypal human life using images taken from
All around the World and The Last 100 Years of Cinema.

The editing, music and the mythic narrative arc of the material is designed to take
the viewer on a roller coaster tour of the human body and life cycle.
Every possible depiction of the human life from microscopic medical
to portraits and newsreels, from births to deaths, are cut to a powerful
music track by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead to create a powerful and highly
emotional film.

The film's power derives from the force of numbers;
each face, each person, each body, each glimpse of anatomy, is both abstracted
and dignified by being part of a huge flow, a torrent of humanity larger than
any of us can conceive.

Written and Directed by Simon Pummell.
Music written and produced by Jonny Greenwood
Produced by Janine Marmot
A Film by Hot Property Films for FilmFour and The Film Council.

Bodysong will be screened in Rotterdam on the following dates:
Monday 27th January 2003 10.15pm
Tuesday 28th January 2003 12.00 noon
Thursday 30th January 2003 5.00pm
Saturday 1st February 2004 2.45pm

For ticket info contact the International film festival Rotterdam after January 16th
http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com or tel: 00 31 10 890 90 00

www.bodysong.com will also go live at this time.

To view this information along with images, on the web, go to : http://www.waste.uk.com/Bodysong/index.html
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